What is IPA Library ?

Cydia was once updated so regularly that we always had a version that matched whatever iOS firmware we were running at any given time. That is no longer the case; in the last two years, Cydia has only been updated a couple of times for certain devices, not for everyone. It isn’t that much of an issue though because an unofficial app store called IPA Library has been released as an alternative.

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What is IPA Library ?

IPA library is one of the latest iOS app installers offering a taster of what used to be in Cydia. While it doesn’t offer everything that came from Cydia, we can still download from a  huge range of IPA files, all different apps, games, some modified, and plenty of other content in IPA format. It works without Cydia on all iOS devices from iOS 7 through to iOS 11.

Features of IPA Library :

IPA Library is a comprehensive installer that has several useful features:

  • It is an easy installer to download
  • It has a user-friendly interface that anyone can easily use ipa library apps
  • It doesn’t rely on Cydia to work
  • Supports all iOS devices on iOS 7 and above
  • Contains a huge range of iOS IPA files for all iOS devices
  • Plenty of modified apps like Spotify++ and Instagram++
  • Tweaked games like Pokémon Go++
  • A few Cydia tweaks like the ever-popular games emulators
  • Updated on a regular basis with new files
  • Any developer updates for the apps and games are delivered via IPA Library
  • Loads more features

How To Download IPA Library :

With all these features just waiting to be used, you’ll be wanting to download IPA Library straightaway. However, it isn’t as straightforward as downloading official apps and you will need to follow the tutorial linked below step by step for a successful installation:

Like many of the other recent iOS app installers released, IPA Library is incredibly useful and very welcome. It isn’t as in-depth as the Cydia store used to be but it certainly provides us with plenty to use while we wait for more news. Anyone can install and use IPA library and make use of the great apps and games included in it whereas we cant all use Cydia anymore.

With plenty of content already there to choose from, IPA Library gets regular updates to ensure that your favorites are supported. So, download IPA Library and see what all the fuss is about; follow us on Facebook for the latest updates as they happen.

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