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IPA Library is a fully-features third-party iOS app installer, designed as an alternative solution to Cydia. It doesn’t contain quite as much as Cydia does but it does house a multitude of iOS .ipa files, offering a whole selection of modified apps and games, themes and other useful content. Downloading IPA Library is quite simple and you can get a full tutorial at the link. For those who need to delete it, keep reading and we’ll tell you how.

ipa library uninstall

How to Delete IPA Library :

You can remove IPA Library from your device in any of these four ways:

Method 1: Deleting the App Profile

  1. Go to the Profile and Device Management section of your iOS Settings app ( under General )
  2. From the list of app profiles, tap the one for IPA Library
  3. Tap the Delete Profile button
  4. Close Settings and IPA Library will be deleted

Method 2: Deleting the App Icon

  1. Tap and hold the IPA Library icon on your home screen – do not open the app
  2. When it starts wiggling, look for the cross in the top left of the icon
  3. Tap the cross and then tap Delete when asked to confirm
  4. The IPA Library app and icon will be deleted from your device

Video: Walks you through the steps

Method 3: Restore to Factory Settings

As well as IPA Library this removes all your settings and any data on your device. You must make sure that iTunes is on the very latest version before you start – click Help > Check for Updates in iTunes

  1. Back your data up in iTunes and iCloud
  2. On your device, turn off Touch ID, passcode and Find my iPhone
  3. Click Yes on the Trust This Computer message on your device, if it appears
  4. Choose the device summary for the device you are restoring
  5. Click on Restore
  6. Click Restore again to confirm
  7. Leave your device to restore to factory settings – when it reboots it will be running the most up to date version of the iOS

Method 4: Restore From an iTunes Backup

You should choose a backup that you tool before IPA Library was installed

  1. Using the correct cable, plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer
  2. Type in your passcode on your device and tap Yes if a message appears asking you to Trust This Computer
  3. Now click the summary in iTunes for the device you are restoring
  4. Click on Restore from Backup
  5. Pick a backup from before you installed IPA Library
  6. Click on Restore and wait – do NOT disconnect your device otherwise it cannot sync with your computer and, if asked, type your passcode in during the backup
  7. When your device has rebooted, you may unplug it and start using it

Why You Should Try IPA Library :

IPA Library is one of the most comprehensive sources of IPA files to be found anywhere and offers plenty of features for all users:

  • Cydia is not required
  • It is easy to install
  • Quick and easy to delete
  • IPA Library is safe to use
  • Plenty of modified and tweaked apps and games
  • Loads of other content to choose from

IPA Library is one of the best alternatives to Cydia with thousands of IPA files to choose from. Give it a try and let us know how you got on and whether you needed to delete it or not.

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