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With no new updates to Cydia for so long now, a bunch of developers have decided to take matters into their own hands, providing us with alternative ways of getting our favorite modified apps and games. IPA Library is the latest installer to be released, full of IPA files that you cant get from anywhere else. IPA Library is one of the better installers simply because it is one of the closest to Cydia and, with full support for all iOS devices, it offers plenty of features for everyone. Find out more about IPA Library here and read on to see how to download it.

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IPA Library Features :

IPA Library is full of useful features and is designed to offer something for all types and ages of user. The best features include:

  • IPA Library is very simple to download and install
  • A user-friendly interface makes navigation simple
  • IPA Library is compatible with Android devices as well as iOS
  • You do need to install Cydia, nor do you need to root your Android device
  • Choose from thousands of IPA files for all iOS device
  • Choose from a range of Cydia tweaks, including popular screen recorders and games emulators
  • Thousands of other apps and games from the app store, all free to use
  • A good choice of modified apps and games, including Spotify++, Instagram++, Pokémon Go++ and Snapchat++
  • IPA Library gets regular updates, bringing new content and keeping the installer free of bugs and secure to use
  • All of the apps are kept updated with the official developer updates so you always get the latest version
  • IPA Library supports iOS 9 and above
  • Loads more cool features – download it and see what you get

How to Download IPA Library :

Downloading IPA Library is quite easy and it works on Android devices as well as iOS. Read on for more details and pick the method that matches your platform:

Method 1: iOS

IPA Library for iOS is quite a straightforward download but it does involve having to install the configuration profile onto your device. Below, you can access a full step by step guide that includes download links:

Method 2: Android

android apk

Downloading IPA Library on Android is a slightly more complex matter. To do so, you require both your Android device and your Mac or PC and you need to download the APK file . The tutorial below lists all the steps you need to follow and includes the APK link:

How to Use IPA Library :

You have installed IPA Library but you might be asking yourself how you use it. Well, this is also quite simple:

  1. Find the IPA Library icon on your device and double tap it to open the app
  2. Choose the category you want to look in and tap it
  3. Find the apps you want by using the search facility or just by browsing through
  4. Tap your chosen app to download it
  5. Wait; when the download has finished, your app is ready for use.

To give you peace of mind, the developers of IPA Library have included full SSL encryption to keep your data secure and ensure that you get a smooth user experience.

Cydia offered a great deal of content and IPA Library cannot hope to match that. Much of that is down to Cydia requiring root access to the iOS to work whereas IPA Library doesn’t. That means you don’t need to worry about your warranty being voided and, because your Apple ID is required to install it, it’s perfectly safe and legal to use.

Have a go with IPA Library; has it got what you want to use? Drop us a line in the comments box below and follow us on Facebook to make sure you get all the latest news and tips.


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