Fix IPA Library Errors

IPA Library is an excellent choice of app installer for those who cannot use Cydia right now. Packed with tweaked and modified apps and games, along with a load of other useful content, it is a very safe and reliable installer to use. However, that doesn’t stop it from having a couple of problems.

ipa library error fix

IPA Library Errors and How To Fix Them

There are some common IPA Library errors but they are easy to sort out. If you encounter a problem that we have not mentioned below, do tell us by using the comments box below and we’ll try to find the solution for you.

  1. Cannot Download IPA Library

The commonest of the errors and the easiest to fix:

  • Delete IPA Library from your device – any copies that you may have
  • Reboot your iPhone or iPad
  • Download IPA Library again

This is likely to be caused by a conflict between the version of IPA Library you are downloading and what is already on your iOS device

  1. IPA Library Stopped Working

The app source is not able to be verified. So it can be:

  • Delete IPA library
  • Reinstall IPA Library
  • Open Settings and go to General > Profiles and Device Management
  • Find the IPA Library certificate and tap it
  • Trust the profile and close Settings

Try IPA Library again, it will now work

  1. IPA Library Invalid Argument Supplied

This is a very simple problem to fix:

  • Delete IPA Library and reinstall it
  • Reboot your device
  • Open IPA Library settings and check to see if there are any updates

If there are, make sure they are applied and IPA Library will work just fine

  1. IPA Library White Screen

If a white screen appears when you open IPA Library, don’t worry because fixing it is easy:

  • Open Settings > Safari > Clear Website Data
  • Close Settings and try using IPA Library again

You should find that the white screen no longer appears.

  1. Profile Installation Failed

This is usually because you are trying to install IPA Library at a busy time and the Apple servers are struggling to cope with the traffic. Wait a while and then try again; if the servers have cleared, the app will download. If not, follow these steps:

  • Put your iPhone or iPad into Airplane mode
  • Go to Settings > Safari
  • Go to Clear History and Website Data and click on Clear History and Data
  • Take your device out of Airplane mode and leave it alone for a few minutes

Now try to install IPA Library again; you shouldn’t have any problems

  1. Untrusted Enterprise Developer

Another common issue, you can find the solution in the linked guide.

While these are the most likely errors you will come up against and are all easy to fix, if you do have a problem with a different error, tell us about it and we’ll try to fix it. Use the comments box below.


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