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Gameboy is one of the most popular of all the games consoles offering tons of great games for all ages. It’s now possible to play those games on the iPad and the iPhone; all it takes is downloading an external game emulator called GBA4iOS. Interestingly, the developer of the app, Riley Testut managed to get GBA4iOS into the iOS app store, using a loophole in the iOS but, eventually, Apps did manage to patch it, kicking the app out.

ipa library gba4ios

The developer has spent a lot of time working on GBA4ioS and has now redeveloped it for anyone to use. It offers access to the tools needed to play Gameboy games on the iOS devices, using some of the iOS SDK tools to bring us a smooth gameplaying experience. Shortly we’ll be showing you two ways to download GBA4iOS but first, a quick look at what you can expect from the app:

GBA4iOS Features :

  • Works on all iOS devices from iOS 7 onwards
  • Specially optimized for gameplay on the iPad
  • Supports Airplay and Wireless linking
  • Lots of new skins to choose from gba4ios_app0
  • New icon logo
  • Support included for GB, GBA and GBC games
  • Built-in web browser
  • Dropbox supporting
  • Updated regularly
  • Support for many cheat codes
  • Several Save states
  • Sustain Button
  • Event Distribution gba4ios_app1
  • Controller vibration mode
  • Support for external iOS 7 controllers
  • URL scheme support
  • Fast Forward features
  • Many more features

How to Download GBA4iOS :

As we said earlier, there are two ways of doing this:

Method 1: IPA Library

iTunes is not where you will find GBA4iOS. Instead, you need an external app installer called IPA Library , an installer that offers tons of apps and games to choose from. Download it using the linked guide below and then you can download GBA4iOS:

Method 2: GBA4iOS IPA File Download

For this, you will need to have your Apple ID to hand and you will use an app called Cydia Impactor to sideload GBA4iOS onto your device. And, although you will not be using it, iTunes must be up to date on your computer.

  1. Download Cydia Impactor [ ] onto your Windows or Mac computer cydia-impactor-
  2. Download the GBA4iOS IPA ( file ) onto your computer
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and if it opens, close iTunes
  4. Open Cydia Impactor and wait for it to detect your device
  5. Now find the IPA file and drag it into Cydia Impactor
  6. Sign in using your Apple ID and click Ok
  7. Click OK on the Expired Certificates message
  8. Wait while Cydia Impactor gets the file and signs it, installing GBA4iOS onto your device
  9. Before you use it, go to Settings and navigate through General to Profiles and Device Management
  10. From the app profile list, choose GBA4iOS and tap on the Trust button – it should change to read Delete
  11. Close Settings, go to your home screen and tap on the icon for GBA4iOS to start using the app

What do you think of GBA4iOS? Can you play your favorite GB game though it? Follow us on Facebook and we’ll keep you updated with all the latest news.

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