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IPA Library is the latest in a long line of app installers designed to provide alternative access to apps and games. It is unique in that you have access to thousands of IPA files that would normally have required Cydia Impactor to side-load them onto your device. IPA Library app offers plenty to choose from and fully supports iOS 10; for more details visit this page and read on to find out how to download it on iOS 10.

ipa library ios 10

IPA Library and iOS 10:

Before we give you the details on how you can download IPA Library, a brief look at some of the iOS 10 security features and how IPA Library works despite them.

  • Data and File Protection – a strong, incorruptible system of encryption using biometrics, passcodes, PINs, an Auto-Lock feature and the ability to erase all device data when 10 incorrect attempts have been made to log in
  • Find my iPhone/iPad – uses your Apple ID and GPS to track your device and manage the data remotely in the event you lose it or it gets stolen
  • 2-Factor Authentication – stops anyone but you getting into your Apple ID and changing your details
  • Lock Screen – limit how much data is shown on your lock screen and, if enabled, disable Raise to Wake
  • AdTracking – stop ads from tracking you and browse the web using Incognito Mode
  • Location – disable Frequent Locations, and limit the apps and services that use your GPS, along with limiting the data they can access
  • Messages – make use of a setting to have your messages self-destruct after a month or manually delete your messages regularly

IPA Library can bypass many of the security features because of the way it is coded. However, despite this, IPA Library is not the same as Cydia and it can’t gain access to the root of the iOS. Therefore, it isn’t seen as a threat and it is perfectly safe and secure to use especially as your Apple ID is also required to install it.

How to Install IPA Library on iOS 10 :

To successfully download IPA Library onto your device, you need to follow the steps below carefully to download the configuration profile:

  1. You need to open Safari on your device (none of the other browsers works) and then open this (link ) ipa-library-Profile
  2. Give the page time to load and then click the link to Install – this is the only way the configuration profile can be installed on your iOS device
  3. This launches the Profile page of your Settings app; click Install Profile
  4. Type your passcode in and wait for Safari to open once more
  5. Click Install IPA Library, click Install on the popup message and Settings will open again
  6. Click Install > Next and then click Done
  7. Leave things alone until the install process has finished and the app icon is on your home screen

If you don’t follow these steps carefully the installation won’t succeed and you won’t see the icon.

Popular IPA Library Apps :

One of the most popular downloads from IPA Library is GBA4iOS. This is one of the best emulator apps, providing emulators to play Gameboy console games on your iOS device. Find out what else GBA4iOS has to offer by clicking the link.

How to Delete IPA Library :

IPA Library offers a lot of choices but it might not have what you want. In that case, deleting it is very simple and takes only a couple of seconds. Your device will be restored back to how it was before you installed IPA Library and you won’t even know it was there. Get all the details from the link below:

Common IPA Library Installation Errors :

Nothing is ever trouble free and, while IPA Library is pretty good for most people, there are some common errors you might encounter during installation. Find out what these common errors are and how easy they are to solve by clicking the link.

Alternative to IPA Library :

TweakBox :

tweakbox app

TweakBox is proving to be a very popular alternative, offering access to thousands of apps and games. Some of these have been modified with added features, everything is free and all ages and preferences are catered for.

  • http://tweakbox.store

Third-party installers are taking over where Cydia once ruled. With no updates to Cydia in the pipeline, IPA Library is one of the best alternatives you will find. Download it and try it out for free and drop us a line in the comments below with your thoughts on it. For more updates like this follow us on Facebook.

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