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Now that we are no longer seeing updates to Cydia, the hunt has been on to find an alternative way of installing apps and games similar to Cydia. IPA Library offers us a choice of thousands of IPA files, providing access to apps and games you wouldn’t normally have been able to get. It is one of the top third-party iOS installers with support for iOS 11 and you can get all the details by visiting this page.

ipa library ios 11

IPA Library and iOS 11 :

In a short while, we’ll tell you how to install IPA Library on iOS 11 but first we’ll look at some of the security Apple has included with the latest firmware :

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  • System Security – the integration of hardware and software that provides the end-user with full security; features include biometrics, passcodes, secure boot chain and secure enclave
  • Encryption and Data Protection –Unique ID for each device and AES-256 encryption keep data encrypted and backed up with the passcode and/or biometrics system for login
  • App Security – all official apps must be signed by Apple to run and are sandboxed to protect the rest of the system
  • Network Security –full system of industry-standard network protocols designed to keep data secure in transmission , including TLS and support for VPN, along with security for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

There are many more security features at work protecting your device so how does IPA Library still work on your device, given that it isn’t an official app ? Because IPA Library is not like Cydia, it doesn’t need to break through the security chains on the iOS, making it far easier and safer to run. Your Apple ID is required for app signing so IPA Library will work perfectly and legally.

How to Install IPA Library on iOS 11 :

Installing IPA Library on iOS 11 requires you to download a configuration profile first. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to your Safari browser and open it and then open this link
  2. When the IPA Library page is loaded, find the Install ( link ) and tap it to give the profile permission to download ipa-library-Profile
  3. When your Settings app opens, check you are on the Profile page and tap the link to Install Profile
  4. You may be asked for your passcode, type it in and Safari opens
  5. Tap on Install IPA Library
  6. A confirmation message appears, tap on Installand Settings opens
  7. Tap Install > Next > Done and wait for the installation to complete , the icon will show up on your home screen when it has finished.

If you cant see the icon, you will need to do these steps again as the installation has failed.

Popular IPA Library Apps :

Spotify++ :


Modified apps are always popular and Spotify++ is one of the best. A modified version of the stock app, Spotify++ offers the stock features and a few extras besides, all designed to improve your user experience. Find out what Spotify++ offers by clicking the link.

How to Delete IPA Library :

IPA Library is pretty comprehensive but, although there are thousands of apps to choose from it doesn’t mean you will find everything. If you cant get on with it, deleting IPA Library is easy to do, easier than it was to install it. It takes a matter of seconds and your device will be back to its original state.

Common IPA Library Installation Errors :

While IPA Library is trouble-free to use, you might find yourself tripping over one or two common installation errors. These are very easy to fix and you can find all the details on those common errors and their solutions at the given link.

Alternative to IPA Library :

Panda Helper :

panda helper original 120px

If IPA Library isn’t to your taste, try Panda Helper. This installer offers a huge choice of content including several modified games and apps, bringing you plenty of added features.

  • https://pandahelper.app

Try IPA Library; it may not be the same as Cydia but it is the next best thing and it costs nothing to install and use. Don’t forget to tell us how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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