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With no news on a Cydia update for iOS 12, the jailbreak community continues to use the many Cydia alternatives we now have and the one that has proved to be the most downloaded is called IPA Library. Offering us many hundreds of IPA files to download, IPA Library is home to modified apps, tweaked games and a whole lot more besides. It has been updated to support iOS 12 and we will be telling you how you can download it on your iOS 12 device today.

ipa library ios 12

IPA Library and iOS 12 Features :

Before we show you how to get IPA Library on iOS 12, have a look at some of the top features of iOS 12 :

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  • Performance – all devices, including earlier models, will have better performance and battery life
  • App Time – monitor how long you spend on your device, on an app and set timers for certain apps
  • Notifications – all notifications are grouped by app to make dealing with them easier
  • Facetime – group Facetime calls supported for a maximum of 32 people per call
  • AR for Developers – USDZ file format allows AR into more apps and an update to ARKit 2 means more AR experiences can be added into apps
  • Measure – accurately measure walls and objects with a new AR-based app
  • Photos – better search suggestions and a new ‘For You’ tab offering filters, effects and more
  • Siri – can now be integrated into even more third-party apps
  • Shortcuts – a simple custom command in Siri can help you execute several actions at once.

IPA Library will work on iOS 12 because it doesn’t need access to the root of the iOS; the means no rules are broken and IPA Library will run safely on your device just like any other app store app.

How to Install IPA Library on iOS 12 :

To install IPA Library, you must download the relevant configuration profile first; our guide will show you how to do it:

  1. Using Safari browser, open this ( link )
  2. Tap the Install link on the IPA page that will open so the profile may be downloaded
  3. On the Profile page in Settings, tap on Install Profile ipa-library-Profile
  4. Put your passcode in and Safari browser will open
  5. Tap Install IPA Library > Install and Settings will open again
  6. Tap Install > Next > Done
  7. When you see the IPA Library icon on your homepage, the installation is successful and you can download whatever apps you want.

Popular IPA Library Apps :

Spotify++ :

spotify plus icon small 120px

Spotify++ is one of the more popular downloads from IPA Library, offering all the premium Spotify features for free, along with a few extras. Find out what Spotify++ has to offer by clicking on the link.

How to Delete IPA Library :

IPA Library may not suit every user but deleting it is easy, safe and will return your device to the way it was. Check out our post below for details on how to do it:

Common IPA Library Installation Errors :

Most users have not had any issues with IPA Library but there are a couple of common installation errors. For details on what they are and how to fix, click the link below:

Alternative to IPA Library :

Panda Helper :

panda helper original 120px

IPA Library is not the only Cydia alternative; Panda Helper has also proved to be popular. With Panda Helper, you also get a huge choice of games and apps to download, including those modified with extra features.

  • https://pandahelper.app

IPA Library may not be a Cydia clone but it certainly offers us plenty of content to work with. Try it and see how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for the latest tips and news.


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